Saturday, March 19, 2011

What are Smart Software Decisions?

Through this blog, I'm not trying to be extravagant or fish out an extraordinary and untouched topic like chicken-liver-lovers or banana-fetishes ('re thinking of opening a new tab and googling that? Really!) What I really want to do is give my hope-to-be-unique take on how, why and when small businesses should hunt, choose or change their software solutions.

When business owners wonder which software solutions are right for them, they'll do as we all do in a similar situation: we ask around. We'll ask family, friends, business associates, clients, providers, etc: anyone we believe knows more than we do. Although this is a step in the right direction, it can often be misleading. Most people will talk and promote their personal experiences. But you should ask yourselft basic questions :
  • Was the context the same? 
  • Is the ultimate goal the same?
  • Is the company the same size?
  • Will it grow at the same rate?
  • Most importantly, do we have the same needs?
A software solution is never (trust me) a one-size-fits-all.
Now, am I an expert? Hey I don't want to brag so I won't say I'm the best in the business but I do specialize in Software Solutions and I have seen many different scenarios in very distinct domains. I also have a network of contacts that complement and fuel the knowledge I'll be able to convey through this blog.

This blog will allow me to share my different experiences and knowledge gathered today and as I progress in my career. I also wish to find ways to help, educate and counsel small business owners in making smart software decisions.

Now here's what I won't do:
  • I won't be comparing existing software solutions. This won't be a Solution X vs Solution Y. There are too many great blogs that already do that. What I will do is suggest how you should compare such solutions to figure out which one is right for you. I will also use examples to prove my point and might talk about certain aspects of particular solutions but I won't go around testing every single alternative to suggest which one you should use.
  • I won't (at least I hope) sell out. My goal is to share knowledge and to give my personal take on the software industry. It is not to promote neither my own or other software companies. If I talk of particular products, it's because I have a personal take on them and not because I'm being paid to do so.
And listen, I'm new at this. So if you have any comments, suggestions, requests, insults (...well be nice, I'm fragile) please do comment. I want to make this as informational, educational and practical as possible.

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